Montgomery County

April 24, 1987

The County Council of Montgomery County, Maryland

WHEREAS, the ancient nation of Armenia was the first nation in the world to declare itself a Christina nation; and

WHEREAS, during the conquest of Armenia in World War I, no less than one and one half million Armenian people were massacred; and

WHEREAS, the nations of the world stood by in the face of this terrible crime of genocide, a fact noted by Adolph Hitler in speaking of his plans for the extermination of the Jewish people; and

WHERAS, we must never forget that we human beings are as capable of hated and apathy in the face of evil as we are capable of love and compassion; and

WHERAS, we must remember and reflect on the most bitter episodes of human history, lest in forgetting our history we are forced to repeat it.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Montgomery County Executive and the Montgomery County Council do hereby proclaim

April 24, 1987

As a day of remembrance of the Crime of Genocide against the Armenian people.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that on this day of remembrance we renew our commitment to the cause of understanding and mutual respect among all of the people of the world.

Signed this 20th day of April in the year 1987.
Sidney Kramer
County Executive Rose Crenca Council President