Village of Massena

April 20, 1990

Village of Massena, New York Proclamation

Whereas, seventy-five years ago, during the First World War, the Turkish Empire in an effort of general extermination of the Armenian population, massacred 1.5 million Armenians; and

Whereas, the survivors and descendants of this holocaust which drove them from their homeland recall and commemorate April 24, 1915 as Armenian Martyr's Day, and

Whereas, though survivors were scattered to all parts of the world, they maintain their identity and unity through language, history, culture and the church, and

Whereas, this unity serves as an inspiration to all people to cherish and preserve freedom and it is fitting that we pause to pay tribute to the thousands of Armenians who are now an integral party of this nation.

As mayor of the Village of Massena, I urge our community to join in a day of remembrance for those of Armenian Ancestry in supporting April 24, 1990 as ARMENIAN MARTYR'S DAY.

Dated: April 20, 1990

Charles R. Boots, Mayor