County of Los Angeles

April 24, 2001

At its meeting held April 24, 2001, the [Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors] took the following action:

Supervisor Antonovich made the following statement:

"Recognizing the existence of inhumanity and cruelty is crucial to ensuring against the repitition of genocide, the first of the 20th century being the Armenian Genoicde in which the Turkish Ottoman Empire murdered 1.5 million Armenian men, women, and children. Despite overwhelming evidence, the Turkish government denies the occurrence of an Armenian Genocide. By consistently remembering and forcefully condemning the atrocities committed against the Armenians and honoring the survivors, as well as other victims of similar heinous conduct, we guard against repetition of those acts of genocide.

"The County of Los Agneles is home to 350,000 Armenian-Americans, the largest population of any county in the United States, which has greatly enriched the County through, among other aspects, business, academia, government, and the arts."

Therefore, on motion of Spuervisor Antonovich, seconded by Supervisor Knabe, unanimously carried (Supervisor Molina being absent), the Board declared April 24, 2001 as "Day of Rememberance for the Armenian Genocide of 1915 through 1923" throughout Los Angeles County.