Uruguay General Assembly Resolution

April 20, 1965

Law No. 13.326

Day of Remembrance for the Armenian Martyrs

Legislative Power.

The Senate and House of Representatives of Uruguay meeting in the General Assembly,


Article 1.
Declares the following 24th of April "Day of Remembrance for the Armenian Martyrs", in honor of the members of that nationality slain in 1915.

Article 2.
The stations of the Official Radio Service must on that date conduct part of their broadcast in honor of the mentioned nation.

Article 3.
Armenian descendants who are public servants are authorized to miss work on the mentioned date.

Article 4.
Designate with the name of "Armenia", the 2nd Grade School, No. 156, in the Department of Montevideo.

Article 5.
Communicate, etc.

Senate chambers, in Montevideo, the 20th of April, 1965

Martin R. Echegoyen

Jose Pastor Salvanach

Read the official text of the decree at the web site of the Uruguayan parliament.