New York State Legislature

April 24, 1975



JOINT RESOLUTION OF THE SENATE AND ASSEMBLY memorializing Governor Hugh Carey to proclaim April twenty-four, nineteen hundred seventy-five as "Armenian Martyrs Day"

Whereas, From 1894 to 1918, 1,900,000 Armenians were massacred in an attempt to eliminate the race; and

Whereas, April twenty-fourth commemorates the sixtieth (60th) anniversary of the massacre of 1,500,000 Armenians by the Turks; and

Whereas, These massacres represented the culmination of over four centuries of persecution of the Armenians following the overthrow of the last Armenian dynasty; and

Whereas, The deaths of these Armenian martyrs lead to the creation of an independent Armenian state; and

Whereas, This independent Armenia was crushed by superior outside forces; and

Whereas, The independent Armenian nation for which these martyrs died was forcibly incorporated into the Soviet Union; and

Whereas, These martyrs give their lives for the cause of freedom; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, The that the Legislature of the State of New York expresses its admiration for the strength and independent spirit displayed by the Armenian people throughout their history; and be it further

Resolved, That Governor Hugh Carey is hereby respectfully memorialized to proclaim April twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred seventy-five as "Armenian Martyrs Day".