New York State Governor

April 24, 1999



WHEREAS, the citizens of the Empire State have a longstanding tradition of acknowledging significant milestones and events of great importance in world history; therefore, they are proud to recognize activities that seek to honor the memory of those whose lives were taken during the twentieth century's first genocide; the Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923; and

WHEREAS, the events that unfolded during those tragic years cost the lives of 1.5 million Armenians who fell victim to rapid, government-sanctioned extermination at the hands of the Ottoman Empire; some of the most extreme examples of man's inhumanity were commonplace during this period of suffering; sadly, the outcry of officials, diplomats and others willing to speak on behalf of Armenians failed to garner the support needed to end their hardship; and

WHEREAS, New York, a center of immigration and a State blessed by the presence of a large concentration of the Nation's estimated one million Armenian Americans, provides a fitting venue for the many community events that seek to make known the occurrence of the Armenian Genocide and the burden carried by its aging survivors; the citizens of our State, mindful of this tragedy, support efforts that promote lessons that help our youth to be more tolerant of other cultures, races, religions and points of view; and

WHEREAS, it is fitting for all New Yorkers of goodwill to join Armenian Americans in their collective remembrance and desire to ensure that the crime of the Genocide is not buttressed, legitimized or forgotten, and that efforts to advance and further healing are to be supported;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE E. PATAKI, Governor of the State of New York, do hereby proclaim official recognition to April 24, 1999 as


in the Empire State.

George E. Pataki