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Centuries of Genocide

America and the Armenian Genocide of 1915

Press Coverage of the Armenian Genocide

Despite the global dimensions of World War I, which daily made news headlines, the scale of the atrocities committed against the Armenian people in the Ottoman Empire resulted in such large numbers of victims that international media coverage of the events became regular news. Samples of stories from 1915 are provided below. Media attention to the plight of the Armenians diminished with the end of the war and went completely silent for the better part of the 20th century. Public attention to the historical significance of the Armenian Genocide resumed only in the last quarter of the century. New research and broader attention to human rights issues has redefined the Armenian Genocide as a precedent to the series of genocides that punctuated the 20th century. The media discourse on the Armenian Genocide has expanded in the 21st century. Samples from a broad range of media sources are provided to inform about the ongoing discussion of the importance of affirming the historical facts surrounding the events of 1915.


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Appeal to Turkey to Stop Massacres. Ambassador Morgenthau Instructed to Make Representations on Request of Russia. April 28, 1915. The New York Times
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  Defense Committee Corners Supplies. September 14, 1915. The New York Times
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500,000 Armenians Said To Have Perished. Washington Asked to Stop Slaughter of Christians by Turks and Kurds. September 24, 1915. The New York Times
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  800,000 Armenians Counted Destroyed. October 7, 1915. The New York Times
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Armenians Dying in Prison Camps. Hundreds of Thousands Still in Danger from Turks, Refugee Fund Secretary Says. August 21, 1916. The New York Times
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  Signs of Death in Turkey. October 1916. The Missionary Review of the World
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Turkish Trials Begin. Governor of Diarbekir First to be Arraigned for Massacres. February 12, 1919. The New York Times
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  Shall Armenia Perish? (by Henry Morgenthau) February 28, 1920. The Independent
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