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Centuries of Genocide

America and the Armenian Genocide of 1915

The Armenian Genocide -- News Accounts from the American Press: 1915-1922

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The Armenian Genocide -- News Accounts from the American Press: 1915-1922

Kloian, Richard D., compiler.
Berkeley: Anto Printing, 1985, 388 pages.

"The Committee on Armenian Atrocities, a body of eminent Americans which for weeks has been investigating the situation in Turkish Armenia, issued, yesterday, a detailed report of that investigation, in which it is asserted that in cruelty and in horror nothing in the past thousand years has equaled the present persecutions of the Armenian people by the Turks."

— New York Times, October 4, 1915

A compilation of over 200 articles from the New York Times, 68 articles from 14 other periodicals, reports from American Ambassador Henry Morgenthau from his post in Constantinople, and scores of accounts by American consuls, teachers, missionaries, German, Turkish, Italian, and Danish eyewitnesses, and Genocide survivors. Some of the articles also describe how the American public, once it learned of the Armenian tragedy, initiated humanitarian efforts to rescue the remaining Armenians from certain death by starvation.

Sample Chapters:

  • The Deportation of Armenia (The Independent, September 27, 1915)
  • Turkish Atrocities in Armenia (The Outlook, September 29, 1915)
  • Exterminating the Armenians (The Literary Digest, October 9, 1915)
  • Murder of Armenia (The Living Age, February 6, 1916)
  • The Calvary of a Nation (The Atlantic Monthly, November 1916)
  • Must Armenian Perish? (The Independent, June 23, 1917)

See sample articles.


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